Telcoin x Balancer: Phase 1

  • Create open, accessible, and highly liquid markets for TEL.
  • Optimize TEL-denominated remittances and future product offerings in the Telcoin platform to be as cost effective as possible for end users by reducing slippage.
  • Reward long term TEL holders for providing the value of creating more liquid TEL markets in a sustainable manner (read TEL Liquidity Mining).
  • Ensure execution, clearing, and settlement of TEL trading within the Telcoin platform takes place automatically, on chain, without middlemen.

Telcoin x Balancer

Now that we have successfully executed phases 1 and 2 on Uniswap, it’s time to introduce phase 1 of the next TEL exchange in focus: Balancer.

  • Flexibility
  • Programmability
  • Functionality
  • Inclusivity

Balancer overview

Website and FAQ:
Exchange Interface:
Pool Interface:
TEL-ETH 80/20 pool:
White Paper:


Liquidity pool exchanges (also known as Automated Market Makers, or AMMs), where trades are conducted directly against smart contract token reserves rather than order-books and specific counter-parties, have exploded onto the scene over the past year as the primary mechanism for on-chain trading, powering nearly US$20 billion in volume in the past month alone. For context, the total USD value of ICO investment in the 2017 boom was US$4.9 billion or over 10% less than last week’s total US$5.5billion DEX volume on ethereum.

Balancer Stats


Balancer characteristics

Programmable: Smart pools can be coded for an unlimited number of use cases and self execute.

How Balancer works

It is recommended that readers review Telcoin x Uniswap before moving further, as basic liquidity pool knowledge is a prerequisite for understanding the concepts explained below.


LPs: Chad owns TEL and wants to add liquidity to the TEL/ETH pool. He navigates to the TEL- 80/20 Balancer pool and adds either TEL, ETH or both. He then receives a BPT and can add or remove to his position at any time.

Balancer features

Balancer offers a new feature set that will expand the backend functionality of the Telcoin platform for TEL end-users, traders, and holders. Below is a non-exhaustive list of Balancer’s features and subsequent benefits to the TEL ecosystem.

Pool types and use cases

In addition to the extensive feature set offered by Balancer, token projects and users can also create various different types of pools for different use cases.

  • Adjustable pool weights
  • Adjustable fees
  • Add or remove tokens
  • Pause swaps/trading
  • Whitelist liquidity providers

Types of smart pools

Liquidity Pools that grow both liquidity and staking participation with automated staking and rewards distribution.
Use cases: Balancer enables a more seamless, automated way of creating incentivized pools for liquidity mining such as with the TEL/ETH Uniswap pool.

Comparing Balancer & Uniswap

How to use TEL on Balancer

This guide walks through five functionalities available on Balancer today:

  • Swapping ETH for TEL
  • Adding liquidity to the TEL-ETH 80/20 Balancer pool
  • Removing liquidity from the TEL-ETH 80/20 Balancer pool
  • Creating new pools

How to buy TEL on Balancer

  1. Navigate to

How to add liquidity to the TEL-ETH Balancer pool

  1. Head on over to the TEL-ETH 80/20 pool

How to remove liquidity from the TEL/ETH Balancer pool

  1. Removing liquidity is very easy. First visit the TEL-ETH 80/20 pool page.
  2. Click “Remove Liquidity,” choose how much you would like to withdraw as a percentage of the total, and confirm on your ethereum wallet.

How to create a new Balancer pool

  1. Navigate to



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