Telcoin x Balancer: Phase 1

  • Create open, accessible, and highly liquid markets for TEL.
  • Optimize TEL-denominated remittances and future product offerings in the Telcoin platform to be as cost effective as possible for end users by reducing slippage.
  • Reward long term TEL holders for providing the value of creating more liquid TEL markets in a sustainable manner (read TEL Liquidity Mining).
  • Ensure execution, clearing, and settlement of TEL trading within the Telcoin platform takes place automatically, on chain, without middlemen.

Telcoin x Balancer

  • Flexibility
  • Programmability
  • Functionality
  • Inclusivity

Balancer overview


Balancer Stats


Balancer characteristics

How Balancer works


Balancer features

Pool types and use cases

  • Adjustable pool weights
  • Adjustable fees
  • Add or remove tokens
  • Pause swaps/trading
  • Whitelist liquidity providers

Types of smart pools

Comparing Balancer & Uniswap

How to use TEL on Balancer

  • Swapping ETH for TEL
  • Adding liquidity to the TEL-ETH 80/20 Balancer pool
  • Removing liquidity from the TEL-ETH 80/20 Balancer pool
  • Creating new pools

How to buy TEL on Balancer

  1. Navigate to

How to add liquidity to the TEL-ETH Balancer pool

  1. Head on over to the TEL-ETH 80/20 pool

How to remove liquidity from the TEL/ETH Balancer pool

  1. Removing liquidity is very easy. First visit the TEL-ETH 80/20 pool page.
  2. Click “Remove Liquidity,” choose how much you would like to withdraw as a percentage of the total, and confirm on your ethereum wallet.

How to create a new Balancer pool

  1. Navigate to




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