Telcoin V3.0 FAQs

Q: Can I transfer TEL from my Ethereum wallet or Kucoin to my Telcoin Application wallet? If not, how can I deposit my TEL?

Q: Can I keep my TEL on ledger or other ERC20 long term?

Q: How long will it take to transfer my assets from my Ethereum wallet to the Polygon wallet on V3 of the App?

Q: Will Telcoin ever offer any bridging tools themselves, meaning a user can send tel from an Ethereum address, pay fee, and gain access to Telcoin app? Without having to manually do it themselves?

Q: If I sent my TEL from KuCoin to the Telcoin wallet on Ethereum (displayed as ERC20 in KuCoin), is it now gone forever as I didn’t bridge it to polygon first?

Q: Am I able to withdraw from the V3 App to a Polygon Address? If so, will the fee be TEL or Matic?

Q: When a new wallet is downloaded does that register on Polygonscan as a holder address?

Q: Can I see my wallet address somewhere in the app?

  1. Press the center button on the main screen (features two arrows)
  2. Select: “deposit” to deposit tokens into your wallet. A drop down list will appear showing all the tokens currently available to store on your wallet.
  3. Select the token you wish to deposit (e.g. TEL) and it will reveal your wallet address along with a scannable QR code.
  4. You can press and hold on the wallet address to copy it and then paste it into the wallet you wish to send from.

Q: Is my account recoverable in the event of a lost or stolen phone?

Q: I set up Touch/Face ID, why am I not seeing a prompt?

Q: Will the Telcoin Application integrate password protection to unlock?



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