Telcoin Community Update, Volume 8

7 min readFeb 17, 2022


Dear Telcoin Community,

We are very excited to announce the release of V3.1 of the Telcoin App, which introduces DeFi crypto trading for a limited number of assets. At the heart of Telcoin’s mission is the effort to make DeFi accessible. This means making complex multi-key security easy for users, which in turn makes self-custody and DeFi a viable alternative to centralized exchanges and banks.

Between V3.1 and TELx, we are doing just that, empowering users to self-custody assets and engage in decentralized financial products powered by user-made markets. We are helping people bank themselves and others in a secure and compliant manner, which by the way is also the cheapest.

We understand this has been a long road, and appreciate the community’s loyalty and patience. Rest assured that our development is accelerating. Following the V3.0 move to Polygon and multi-asset, V3.1 DeFi trading is the second of our major upgrades that required significant under-the-hood tooling to make a reality in a secure and scalable manner.

Moving forward, with the two big upgrades under our belt, we now are able to do smaller and quicker releases and parallelize a bit more in terms of product development pods. We also have a more streamlined test and release process in place, including far greater visibility into resource bottlenecks and pre-release stress test capabilities.

Next up is V3.2 which will involve the US stablecoin rails, along with additional assets and corridors. In parallel, we are pressing forward on several new major markets. Our current “North Star” milestone is to have our full V3.2+ offering, with crypto rails in/out of stablecoins and DeFi trading up and running on both sides of a couple of major remittance corridors. We are very far down that path already. At this point, we will have proven end-to-end our model of digital remittance powered by decentralized, self-custodial, user-made markets. Then we simply scale the disruption.

Two other key components of the overall picture, which we feel make us unique versus the competition, are the Nebraska banking effort and Rivendell. Both are making great progress, and we hope to be able to reveal a bit more as they become closer to operational.

Thank you again for all of your continued support. We value the Telfam community as a major asset and appreciate everyone’s efforts to spread the good word as we roll out these exciting releases.


Paul Neuner, Telcoin CEO

Telcoin App V3.1 Update

It has been an exciting and hectic push to finally deliver what we consider a landmark release for our Telcoin App users. The ability to trade safely on DeFi from the convenience of your phone is finally here! We appreciate everyone’s patience as doing this the right way took time. Making complex security easy to use is very hard, and we are proud of our engineering teams efforts to have built this important foundation. The day has finally come for Telcoin to plant its flag in the ground as a leading innovator in the sector, and begin scaling something very special. As of day one, we will be offering 11 assets to be traded, with the expectation that that number will grow dramatically over time as we incrementally release new tokens.

One aspect of this release to touch on that will never be seen by the user, and is as important as the experience itself, is the growth and scalability of our infrastructure to allow for smooth, fast experiences. We spent quite a bit of time improving and “muscling up” our platform to handle both large increases in overall users, as well as huge surges of traffic during chaotic market periods. This as much as anything helps us prepare for not only the present, but more so, the future. Stability and scalability can be the invisible enemy if not properly addressed. We feel we’ve made huge strides and will continue to improve as Telcoin continues on its journey.

The following is the initial list of assets offered:


As previously noted, we will be expanding our offering frequently with new and exciting options for our users. One little nugget that has flown a bit under the radar recently, but will add great value and convenience to our users, is the ability to bridge TEL from KuCoin directly to your Telcoin App. This can be a game-changer as the previous alternative methods of doing so were arduous and confusing. We have created two simple videos taking users through this process. We also implore everyone that has TEL on the KuCoin platform to watch the videos below and explore this as an option:

Withdrawing TEL from Kucoin to the Polygon Network on your Mobile Device

Withdrawing TEL from Kucoin to the Polygon Network on the Web

In closing, we can’t reiterate enough how excited we are to bring Trading opportunities to all Telcoin App users. That being said, we are still in the infant stages of our vision and capabilities for the future. The team here at Telcoin won’t stop until our competitors consider us the Master Class of the industry and use our product as a benchmark for all others. Thank you for being along for the ride and joining us in accomplishing our dream. Onward and Upward!

Ryan Tully, VP of Product

Rivendell Update

Telcoin is committed to driving strategic partnerships with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) through the deployment of Rivendell’s hosted, turn-key blockchain transaction validation and settlement platforms globally. The deployment of this Ethereum sidechain enables MNOs to leverage their reputation of trust and technical infrastructure to drive value to DeFi ecosystem stakeholders and the Telcoin community through the stabilization of fees. This further enhances processing speed, empowers self-custodial financial services, and offers transparency — which are gained through a truly distributed and decentralized ecosystem run by trusted and regulated entities.

We are already in conversation with our close telecom partners through our past mobile wallet relationships to carve new win-win partnership models. We have also established and agreed on engagement models with our reseller and system integrator partners, who are responsible for deploying these platforms globally through close collaboration with telecom stakeholders. Telcoin is also currently executing an ingenious services bundle to overlay AI-driven fraud tools, along with these blockchain validator platforms, to ensure all fraudulent activities on the Telcoin network are minimized.

Telcoin’s commercial team is focused on continuing to work closely with our partners in the coming months and address specific regulatory, technical, and commercial requirements of each market to close these agreements. Telcoin has also hired region-focused sales leads with deep market expertise and senior partner relationships to drive this high-priority initiative, and they have already made certain inroads. The initial feedback from our trusted partners has reinstated our strong belief in our vision to truly drive value to our community through Telcoin’s differentiated DeFi offerings.

While we cannot share any specifics as they pertain to individual partners, we can say this: the “Rivendell” name was conceived as a project code name in the early stages of this endeavor, so expect a new, official product name and updated website in the not too distant future.

Rajesh Sabari, Chief Commercial Officer

New Telcoin Team Members

Julien Ghossoub, based in Dubai, joins Telcoin as Regional Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Julien has more than 12 years of international leadership experience in the consumer goods industry, covering cross-functional departments as Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Activation roles across Asia. Most recently a Key Account and 3PL Manager at British American Tobacco (BAT), Julien has worked in multiple countries and cultural environments, leading diverse teams and driving value to strategic clients. As Regional Sales Manager EMEA, Julien’s primary focus is to build partnerships with telecoms, government agencies, and key fintech partners to facilitate adoption of Telcoin’s user-owned DeFi services across Francophonic and Arabic geographies. In his free time, Julien enjoys playing tennis and drums, and spends his weekends scuba diving.

Ricardo Pires, based in London, joins Telcoin as Commercial Lead for Europe and Africa. He started his journey at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he led multiple consulting and strategy initiatives for companies in the financial institution, telecom, public sector, and energy verticals. Further, Ricardo has helped several startups in the insurtech, fintech, and digital health fields establish scale and presence in Europe. Ricardo grew up in Angola, has a Portuguese background, and is passionate about blockchain technology — especially because of the impact it can have on emerging economies. Ricardo is also an avid traveler and explorer.

Megumi Opferman, CPA, joins our US team as Financial Controller. She is well-rounded, with more than 20 years of experience in both public accounting and private industry, working mostly with small and midsize entities. Her private industry experience includes work in the international trading arena. Her experience will give a tremendous boost to Telcoin’s global financial reporting and tax compliance capabilities. She also hopes to contribute to Telcoin’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as the company grows, and is excited about joining Telcoin and supporting its core mission of increasing financial inclusion globally with blockchain technology.

Stephanie DaSilva, joins Telcoin’s Compliance and Legal team as Director of AML/KYC and Global MLRO. Based in the US, she spent the last six years as part of a fast-growing crypto fintech company in a variety of roles that allowed her to gain both AML and technical experience. She is certified by ACAMs as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and has developed a technical background that allowed her to be the liaison between technical teams and compliance in her previous roles. Most recently, she was responsible for determining and enhancing process flows, identifying gaps, and helping to integrate AML compliance technology.

Telegram & Discord Community Update

With the release of 3.1, we are moving forward with the closure of our Telcoin Community channel on Telegram, which will be set to “read only” on February 24th. We will continue to share updates to the Telcoin Announcements channel on Telegram, but urge users who would like to ask questions or initiate support requests to do so through our Discord server.

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