Telcoin Community Update, Volume 7

TEL Issuance

The Vision

Telcoin App V3 Update

  • Bangladesh, BKash
  • El Salvador, Tigo Money
  • Ethiopia, HelloCash
  • Fiji, Digicel Mobile Money
  • Fiji, M-Paisa
  • Ghana, MTN Money
  • Guatemala, Tigo Money
  • Indonesia, Dana
  • Indonesia, GoPay
  • Indonesia, LinkAja
  • Indonesia, Ovo
  • Kenya, Equitel Money
  • Malawi, Airtel Money
  • Nepal, eSewa
  • Pakistan, Easy Paisa
  • Pakistan, Jazz Cash
  • Philippines, Coins
  • Philippines, GCash
  • Samoa, Digicel Mobile Money
  • Sri Lanka, Ez Cash
  • Sri Lanka, mCash
  • Tonga, Digicel Mobile Money
  • Uganda, Airtel Money
  • Uganda, MTN Money

TELx Update

TELx Marketplace Data

TELx Total

  • Liquidity: US$31,985,116
  • 24h Volume: US$2,369,816
  • 24h fees: US$5,309
  • Assets: 12
  • Markets: 17
  • Protocols: Quickswap, Balancer, DFX



  • Liquidity: US$20,619,800
  • 24h Volume: US$1,858,345
  • 24h fees: US$4,241
  • Assets: 9
  • Markets: 12
  • Protocols: Quickswap, Balancer

SMS Network

  • Liquidity: US$11,265,316
  • 24h Volume: US$511,471
  • 24h fees: US$1,068
  • Assets: 5
  • Markets: 5
  • Protocols: Quickswap, Balancer, DFX

Ecosystem Update

TELx Community Update

  • Andrew Pinch has continued to give a “TELx update” every day on Twitter, sharing marketplace data, providing useful tips for others trying to learn how they can participate, and bootstrapping a community of informed contributors on the ground floor.
  • Telcoin Tim created the TELx Pool Tips Telegram group, a community-led channel made up of over 400 active members. The channel has fostered a global community of passionate contributors who interact with each other on a daily basis in a positive and respectful way, regardless of experience level. #COYT #COYTT
  • Serdar, along with the rest of the contributors to the TELx Dune Analytics page, have made fantastic headway in creating a real time data repository for TELx spanning the entire marketplace, by protocol and product. Beyond its utility to everyone in the ecosystem, the page, which was financed organically by the community via a grant, is the first example of “public goods” funding and provisioning in the TELx ecosystem — a trend we expect will continue over time as the system continues to decentralize.
  • The Big Sur led the charge on a DFX governance proposal that ultimately led to double incentives in TEL and DFX on a TEL/DFX Balancer pool. This pool is now the most liquid DFX market in the world, making TEL the most liquid asset against DFX globally, and achieving the core purpose of the TELxchange product: to enable users to seamlessly exchange value between TEL and the native assets of the protocols which power the Telcoin Platform.

TELx Incentives (12/22–3/16/22)

New Employee Update



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