A vibrant Telcoin marketplace is erupting on Polygon-native Quickswap Exchange!

Active Telcoin users are one step closer to fulfilling their mission of bringing fast and affordable, user-owned financial products to every mobile network subscriber in the world:

Fast: Polygon can achieve at least three orders of magnitude higher throughput and scalability than Ethereum layer one.

Affordable: Polygon transactions cost a fraction of a penny. …

Dear Telcoin community,

This week has been exciting on so many levels. After a year-plus of remote work, roughly half of the team was able to get together safely this week in our new offices in Los Angeles. I’m really looking forward to when we’re completely past the pandemic and able to bring the whole team together. It was an extremely productive week, being able to press forward on a number of key areas, while all in the same place. Aside from getting to know each other better, the focus of the week has been finalizing V3 front end and…

By: Jonny Winstanley

For millions of people around the globe, remittances are crucial to providing financial security, especially in areas that struggle with hardships caused by sub-optimal economies and unstable governments. Remittances can be a financial lifeline that not only provide people with the ability to cover life’s essentials, but in some countries also contribute a large percentage toward the total gross domestic product (GDP). Remittances provide the economy with a steady flow of income that allows local and national communities to survive, and thrive.

This article is geared toward those who are new to the world of international money…

Dear Telcoin community,

Like just about everyone else on Earth, we at Telcoin are happy to move on from 2020, and 2021 is off to an exciting start. We’ve submitted V2 of the Telcoin application to both the App Store and Play Store — fiat remittances are finally becoming a reality. More importantly, this milestone closes the book on our transitional period. From here forward, in addition to continuing to add fiat remittance corridors, we are all from a product standpoint working on efforts initiated by the new team — namely Telcoin V3.

It might sound odd to talk about…

Dear Telcoin community,

I hope this update finds you and your family well in unprecedented times. I know it is cliche to say it has been a crazy year, but it really has. Despite the ups and downs, I believe Telcoin is in an incredibly rare position to do something very special for both crypto and fintech at large.

In summary, we have built two parallel products that, once brought together in 2021, will enable us not only to compete with traditional remittance players but also centralized financial systems in general — across the globe and in a non-custodial, decentralized…

Despite a forecasted 20 percent decline in global remittances for 2020, users are abandoning cash-focused incumbents and flocking to digital services. Telcoin and its mobile money partners will benefit from the exodus.

By: Jeff Quigley

Back in April, as much of the world began coming to grips with the grim “new normal” created by the spread of the novel coronavirus, the World Bank announced an appropriately negative outlook for remittances. With the pandemic already wreaking physical havoc across the globe, lockdowns and layoffs served a knock-out punch to economies. …

It’s time to initiate Balancer Phase 2: Bootstrap liquidity pools with TEL mining

By Parker Spann

This article will recap the first month of the Uniswap Liquidity Mining program and the data we’ve captured from it. We will then discuss the launch of the second phase of Telcoin’s Balancer roadmap: bootstrapping liquidity with rewards.

Uniswap Recap

As Telcoin works to bring fast, affordable, and high quality financial services to the mass market, one of our main priorities is to make sure the costs to buy and sell TEL are as low as possible for end users of the Telcoin platform.

Automated Market…

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The following information is being shared in order to outline some of Telcoin’s current product plans. We are hopeful that the roadmap can shed some light on what we are building, but it is important to understand that it is being shared for informational purposes only, and not as a binding commitment. The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Telcoin, and is subject to change.

This weekend, the Kucoin exchange experienced a security breach which compromised their hot wallets. We have been monitoring this situation since the beginning.

What happened?

Beginning at 19:05 UTC time on Friday, September 25th, a hacker began withdrawing large sums of BTC, ETH, and a number of ERC-20 tokens from Kucoin to the following wallet address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xeb31973e0febf3e3d7058234a5ebbae1ab4b8c23.

Based on our forensic analysis of the ethereum blockchain, TEL tokens at the old smart contract address (0x85e076361cc813A908Ff672F9BAd1541474402b2) were withdrawn from Kucoin:

These tokens are valueless. TEL migrated from that smart contract address earlier this year. …

Telcoin is now on Balancer! Learn more about our latest DEX, how it works, and how to use it with TEL.

By Parker Spann

DEXes are one of the key building blocks Telcoin is using to bring TEL remittances, and every other future complementary financial product, to the masses. Balancer is a novel asset management and decentralized exchange platform that offers some unique advantages over traditional Automated Market Makers. This article first discusses Telcoin’s ongoing DEX roadmap, gives an overview of Balancer and how it works, and then provides a simple how-to-guide for TEL holders.

Telcoin’s DEX roadmap takes a…


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